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Tu Gulab Hokar Mahak : Telugu Language Book (Sahitya)


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Tū Gulāb Hokar Mahak Tujhe Jamānā Jāne

Just as the strength and stability of a building depends upon its foundation; the very future of a nation depends upon its students. A student is like a delicate sapling. If they get the right education and excellent nurturing, then this very sapling can develop into a huge blossoming tree and fill the whole garden of society with fragrance, all around. However, this is possible only when they find an eligible guide or an enlightened Guru, and if they follow the path shown by them with due diligence and perseverance.

This book contains the precious keys leading to the path of success described by Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu and the life stories of various saints and devotees of Guru; through reading, contemplation and reflection of which, one can become capable of spreading the fragrance like a Rose, even while being surrounded by thorns. This book contains:

* Inspiring address by Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu

* Inspiring Poetry leading to the path of success- “Kadam apne āge…”

* Be a Rose and spread scent…let the world know your glory

* How to make your life fragrant like a Rose?

* What is the foundation of life?

* What to do to make your life vibrant, successful and evolved?

* What to do to strengthen your body and mind?

* As is the quality of food you eat, so will be the quality of your mind

* This is the greatness of Indian culture

* What spirit of sacrifice Guru Gobindsingh’s sons had!

* Opinions of western thinkers about the glory of Indian culture

* Devotion of Haridās towards Shri Hari

* Why avoid artificial cosmetics

* Life becomes fragrant, not by perfume, but by the knowledge imparted by SatGuru

* A brave child who became Prime Minister

* Miracle of following commands of the Guru

* A unique Guru Dakshina

* An insect became a great sage!

* “…who feel the pain of others.”

* Beware of the enemies of your success!

* A few points worth knowing…

* The right way to sleep

* The right method of bathing

* Observe cleanliness

* For the development of memory power

* Personality and conduct

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