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Privacy Policy

“Ashram estore” is a service offered by Satsahitya Seva Kendra. Through this privacy statement, Satsahitya Seva Kendra wishes to inform you of how your personal data are processed. All personal data are treated with the utmost care at Ashram Estore. All the necessary steps are taken to guarantee the security of these data. This privacy statement supplements the General Terms and Conditions. Please write to if you have any queries relating to this document. 

1. Which data are stored?
We store only data like your name, gender, email, address which is used for shipping. This data can be deleted by you any time from our website or app using simple steps. 

2. No forwarding of data to third parties
We don’t forward any type of data to any third parties. 

3. Contact  
The trust of our users is important to us. Satsahitya Seva Kendra therefore wishes to provide its users with full information. If any queries remain unanswered by this privacy statement or if more detailed information is required on any point, please contact the following address at any time: Ashram Estore E-mail: